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Celtic Systems, a company providing information system solutions to state and provincial governments in the USA and Canada.

Celtic has sponsored multiple public service efforts which have since grown into well-organized initiatives under ServicePlace. Primary among them is the development of the CPR application for Android smartphones, as well as the on-line training delivery of CPR related information.  has been part of organizing CPR camps in many places in India and also in the US



RGVN (Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi) is a Guwahati (Assam, India) based non-profit entity (NGO) with operations spanning the North Eastern states. The ServicePlace Elder-care pilot for the Millo project is being done in cooperation with RGVN, under the guidance of their MD, Dr. Amiya Sharma.


St. John Ambulance is an International organization, with a strong presence in India. They undertake many rescue activities, and also have a training regimen for life saving skills – which they take to many remote areas. The ServicePlace Save-A-Life program has been working with St. John in Kharagpur (India), Siliguri (India) and elsewhere to provide them with CPR mannequins, video instruction and monetary contributions to hold large scale awareness events.



IIT KGP is a premiere education institution in India. ServicePlace has partnered with them on two areas. The National Social Service program at IIT KGP are trainers and proliferatiors of the Hands Only CPR technique. In addition the Dept of Mechanical Engineering and the Dept of Electrical Engineering are working on designing a beter, cheaper and more effecient CPR training dummy.

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