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It is not often that we can find an organization that we can dedicate ourselves to, which respects people’s individuality and allows us to express our creativity and dedication though community-oriented activity. Through our multifaceted activities and transparent working culture, we offer a wide variety of projects, which you could support as a mentor, sponsor or volunteer.

ServicePlace offers multiple levels of Sponsorship, from individual projects to overall SpervicePlace sponsorship covering all initiatives. Perhaps the most visible Sponsorship is the ServicePlace Annual Gold Sponsorship, which support all our initiative areas. To discover more about the Sponsorship opportunities, please click on the Sponsorship link below.

As of now, ServicePlace is staffed purely by volunteers, and nobody in the organization draws any remuneration. This only works because we’re able to attract amazingly motivated people, who feel a deep sense of satisfaction in working in a supportive organization and doing our gig in the service of humanity. To discover more about our Volunteering opportunities, please click on the Volunteers link below.

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