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President, BOD Member

An engineer by training, Debashis is currently the President of ServicePlace. Debashis was at Intel Corp for 22 years, where he started in chip-design, and then went on to strategic and leadership roles, including heading up an internal start-up. 

Debashis has written several books on the effect of technology on human evolution, and also served on the board and as President of a non-profit community service organization (BCAA) in the Phoenix area. He shares a keen interest in bettering the human condition, and has been active in all three initiatives at ServicePlace. 



BOD Member

CEO of Celtic Systems, a company providing information system solutions to state and provincial governments in the USA and Canada.


Celtic has sponsored multiple public service efforts which have since grown into well-organized initiatives under ServicePlace. Primary among them is the development of the CPR application for Android smartphones, as well as the on-line training delivery of CPR related information



BOD Member

Tapas is a pediatric, cardiac surgeon at Mc Master University in Ontario, Canada. Tapas has conducted many health awareness programs, including stadium level CPR events internationally and also in India. As ServicePlace ventures the health related areas (TeleHealth) Tapas is our leading medical guidance provider.


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A veteran of Intel Corp., a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Debendra is involved in many charitable activities. He is a secretary of ServicePlace and maintains a wide network of social service providers, especially in his home state Odisha. 



BOD Member - Acting Secratery

Laura C. Bulluck is Executive Director at Hope’s Crossing, a non-profit chartered to help transition at-risk women, many of whom have been previously incarcerated, to become productive members of society.

With over 20 years in the health care industry, Laura has demonstrated her professional experience in the areas of finance, health care operations, information technology and clinical systems implementation

Enthusiastic leader in the community, sharing expertise as a Board Member for Agape Adoption Agency, Kingdom Communities of the Valley, Board Chair for Hope's Crossing. Mentoring young women ages 18 - 25 with community outreach group "Ladies In Power" located in Phoenix, Arizona. A forward thinker providing strategic planning support and organizational development to small to medium community based non-profit organizations, as they launch programs and services to their targeted community.





Tery Spataro has led the user research and interviewing activity of the Elder-Care initiative, and has developed the survey instruments that the group is using. She has also conducted multiple interviews, and devised a way for storing the information gathered in a spreadsheet format.


Tery has also mentored students in the development and use of these instruments, and has provided hands on training to them. Tery is now working on the visionary message for the Elder-Care effort, and the unique differentiator for the ServicePlace effort.




VP, Media Operations, BOD Member

A debutant filmmaker, Sarbari Chowdhury is avidly interested in the cultural heritages of the world. Her mission is to document these global cultural idioms, with a view to preserve them. Her debut narrative documentary, Broto Alpona, deals with ancient socio-religious rituals of the Woman of Bengal, both in India and Bangladesh. Broto Alpona, by definition, is a finger- painted art form created during specific periods, coinciding with religious rituals. This film helps her to continue delving into the background of almost-extinct social mores of the native Indians, from Eastern and Northern areas. She collaborates with established film production companies to bring her films to fruition.

Sarbari has acted in several films, is a Director of theater and also a published author, of a book of short stories named “Earthen Angels”.  Her plays have been stages at various cities in the USA including Phoenix, Arizona, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles and San Jose. She has also worked as Chairperson of the North American Bengali Conference’s Film segment since 2012.

An Engineer by training, Sarbari has spent more than 25 years in the high tech industry and currently lives in Chandler Arizona, with her husband and two children. She divides her time between Kolkata, India and Chandler, USA.


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Advisory Board


Dr. Ghanashyam Kundu                                                                   Dr. Tapas Mondal 


Dr. Srishti Nayak                                                                               Mr, Alan Ross .


Ms,.Sumona Bhattacharya                                                               Mr, Srinivas Javagula


Mr. Abhik Chowdhury, .                                                                     Mr. Madhav Rangaswamy, 

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