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  1. Medical facilities at doorstep .

  2. Enhance and supplement health of village people through active community support, using modern tools like smartphones .

  3. Connect rural people with doctors and medical professionals through its Telehealth app.

  4. Train rural volunteer service providers to monitor health parameters such as Blood sugar, BP, Body temperature, Pulse rate and Oxygen.

  5. Help rural patients setup patient appointments and upload prescriptions and test reports using an APP on the Android smart phone.

  6. Rural service providers can connect the patients from villages with eminent doctors far away for diagnosis using a Telehealth app.

  7. Rural patients can access doctors from the convenience of their village setting.

  8. Sakhis and Asha workers will provide basic medical supports like checking BP, sugar,pulse etc.

  9. Have all the medical history of patients stored electronically for easy access.

  10. Creation of cadre of health workers in rural areas.


Uniqueness of the program are as follows:

  1. Strengthening the existing health facility in rural villages with the help of smartphones.

  2. Introducing ‘Telehealth’ app for connecting patients in villages with the doctors.

  3. Sensitizing doctors of government hospitals towards community based services.

  4. Engaging more people in the villages to get proper diagnosis.

  5.  Awareness generation among village people by health check ups.

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