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Ukhra Education Project ,with SEVAA, in Ukhra, West Bengal India. 


Enhancing and supplementing the education of village children and young adults through active community support is a vital initiative. This can be achieved by utilizing modern tools like computer-aided distance learning and a participative learning process to assist at-risk elementary, middle, and high school students. The organization responsible for funding the majority of this project, ServicePlace, will also procure the necessary IT equipment such as computers and projectors to support two tele-learning workstations—one fixed and one portable. 


The objectives of the program are as follows: 


• Supporting students in grades 10 to 12 through virtual classes (Sudur Pathshala). 


• Introducing activity and competency-based quality improvement in grades 1 to 5 in selected high, junior high, and primary schools (Adur Pathshala). 


• Developing a 'school complex' and 'common school system' in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 and 2023. 


• Disseminating and replicating successful practices among neighboring schools. 


• Organizing an After-School Program for local teenagers and establishing the Shishu-Kishore Bahini as a platform for holistic development based on Vivekananda's teachings. 


The uniqueness of this program lies in its specific strategies: 


• Strengthening the existing SMART room in the Girls' School for virtual classes during school hours. 


• Introducing a 'Mobile Joy Box' (consisting of audiovisual equipment and materials) in one junior high and five primary schools. 


• Conducting sensitization programs for government teachers in these schools, focusing on activity-based, competency-based, and contextually appropriate teaching and learning methods. 


• Providing support for engaging resource persons, educational volunteers, and the development of teaching learning materials. 


• Generating awareness among parents, mothers, local government representatives, private tutors, and well-wishers. 


This comprehensive program aims to bridge educational gaps and empower village children and young adults with quality education, leveraging modern technology and community support.

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