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ServicePlace aspires to provide a community based platform and structure for Elder Care. We partner with local organizations (primarily NGOs) to set up Millo (community) groups that become self-sustaining over time. The Elders then meet regularly and form their own community which provides them companionship, combats loneliness and gives them opportunities to learn new skills.


Your $100 donation will enable an elder to receive MILLO service for ONE year.

You can donate any amount - every little bit helps.

To partner with ServicePlace to form a MILLO service in your area please contact us here or by sending an email to:


GUWAHATI - pilot

The Guwahati Pilot team consists of about 25 elders who meet on a regular basis (usually once a week) for community activities including tea and snacks. A typical evening meeting would include some social time,  a yoga session, group singing, special celebrations and of course some snacks and tea. Organized on RGVN premises, and led by RGVN mentors, the elders are now able to conduct much of the activity themselves. They now organize and manage most of their own activities (including raising funds), and we are proud of the progress they have made towards self sufficiency. 

The goal of the Millo Pilot is to establish the Mentorship, Systems and Behaviors that make for a rewarding community experience, and then be able to replicate the model elsewhere. The Millo Pilot is expected to run till February 2020, after which we hope to be able be able to complete the Pilot Report, and generate the Systematic Learning that would allow us to successfully replicate elsewhere. 

Click here for the RGVN Senior Citizen web-site.

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