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TeleHealth- Mobile App & Web interface. With Born2Help in Kharagpur, WB, India. 


Born 2 Help, in Collaboration with ServicePlace, are launching the Arogya TeleHealth App for the benefit of people living in remote areas - in the general vicinity of Kharagpur, West Bengal. The App is intended to treat medical problems, assist pregnant mothers, and help with malnutrition issues in children.

The system is being developed so that it supports a web interface, in addition to a purely mobile App (initially for Android, later for iOS).  The key players who would interact with the system are:

  1. Volunteer (Med Tech)

  2. Patient (if they have mobile/internet access)

  3. Doctor

  4. Pharmacy

  5. System Administrator

The system will be set up such that patients can be seen anywhere that the Volunteer can reach, and there is mobile data access. Some actions (e.g. uploading docs) can be locally saved and transmitted when access becomes available. The system health is monitored by the System Administrator, and feed-back is given after each session, so that the system can be continually improved.  


A second phase of the TeleHealth System is planned for execution with Dr. Guun and his SSU team based in Kolkata. The first phase (with B2H) is all volunteers. Here we plan to add the sustainability aspects of Telemedicine, with the ability of the Med Techs, who are the face of the organization, to make a sustainable living with this system. Med Tech training (in residence, ~6weeks) to cover the various aspects of the diagnostics tools (oximeter, glucometer, etc.) and the App itself is planned to be covered. 

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