Society for Cultural Preservation

Culture is the highest expression of what it means to be human. It is a measure of our species’ contribution to planetary diversity. Cultural preservation emphasizes the need to document and honor all forms of cultural diversity. It is a cornerstone of community. In the face of globalization we are losing many of our rich cultural

heritages – art forms, performing arts, indigenous games, language and ways of living.


Indian Culture has been influenced by many cultural cross-currents throughout its long history. This ancient history contains bountiful wisdom that carries over to the present day. Knowing this heritage helps us understand the roots of the facets of today’s society.


Preserving aspects of Indian culture is critically important. Slowly, the globalization of culture is eroding away the nuances of regional ethnic lifestyles as people move away from villages and into cities for economic reasons. With culture growing more and more homogeneous, we risk losing the core identities that have shaped our actions and behaviors.


Just as we need genetic diversity on planet earth for survival, cultural diversity is essential to preserve. It gives us a sense of history as humans, and shows us the path forward in our evolution as a species.



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