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Since 2015, the team that has now become ServicePlace has been conducting CPR health education sessions in the US, Canada and India. We provide sensor equipped CPR manikins, and have put together video instruction for a new kind of CPR that is easier to learn and more effective than traditional CPR - called Continuous Chest Compression CPR. Working with Dr. Tapas Mondal (a Pediatric Cardiologist and now Advisory Board member for ServicePlace),  and Celtic Systems (a software systems company, led by two of our Board Members) we have put out a range of CPR products in multiple languages.


The Bengali Version of the Continuous Chest Compression CPR video is shown below.



Dr. Tapas Mondal has had several opportunities to showcase our CPR capabilities at various institutions in India. Perhaps the most interesting of these opportunities is the follow-up interest in places like IIT Mumbai and (especially) IIT Kharagpur. Collaboration projects are under consideration.


More details about our Hands Only CPR training programs will be presented here in the near future. See below the pictures from Kharagpur KSHITIJ CPR presentation and booth training, January 20, 21, 2018.


































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